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Hyperallergic: Trippy Highlights From LA’s Spring/Break Art Show

Restrained paintings by Anaja Hvastija Gaia, curated by Sophia Ballesteros, use the thinnest application of oil paint I’ve seen in a minute to produce an effervescent effect on otherwise simple compositions of pale, round bodies coalescing with expanses of desert.

LOS ANGELES — There’s a perennial booth rule at Spring/Break Art Show: “No white walls.” This directive gave the warehouse space in Culver City the aura of a migraine without the headache. I was offered a tour during the fair’s opening, but I preferred to drift and collect my little papers as I went, letting myself be drawn in by affinity and raw interest. I have a librarian friend who uses a very simple litmus for art: She either feels something or she doesn’t. I find this useful for navigating enormous rooms full of both art and art people.

Started by Andrew Gori and Ambre Kelly in 2009 in New York City as a tertiary alternative art fair, Spring/Break moved west some five years ago and is now in its fifth iteration in Los Angeles, running through this Sunday, March 3.

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