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Meer: Felix R. Cid. A Mechanical Resolution

The work in “A Mechanical Resolution” is a meditation on the process of creating art in a technically advanced society. The subjects Cid depicts are abstract cyborgian figures with complex textures and explosions of color surrounded by scribbles of text, impasto polka dots, limbs, and weapons made from silicone, graphite, spray paint, and more.

For Cid, however, the focus of his work lies not particularly in the content he depicts but in the transformative process of painting itself. Felix grew up in Madrid and studied art and photography at a young age. He graduated from Yale’s MFA program where he first developed his playful aesthetic language and unconventional process. Working in what he calls “El Canpo,” an intentional misspelling of “El Campo” (meaning field in Spanish), Cid works exclusively in a field on the coast of Ibiza.

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