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Meer: New Perspectives, A group showing of African Portraiture

Allouche Gallery, Los Angeles presents “New Perspectives: A Group Showing of African Portraiture,” a group exhibition featuring the works of five contemporary African painters. “New Perspectives” shines a light on depictions of identity through portraiture in the works of notable Nigerian and Ghanaian contemporary artists Israel Agboola, Frank Coffie, Mamus Esiebo, Kelani Fatai and Foster Sakyiamah.

Distinct voices and thematic approaches of each artist create a dynamic and multi-layered exhibition. Kelani Fatai empowers the African image in his works through its association with regality. Ornate decorative patterns merge modern African subjects with the language of Old Masters. Politics of race and power are at the forefront of his striking paintings through giving representation to people of color in contexts where they were often overlooked throughout art history.

Mamus Esiebo and Foster Sakyiamah choose to accentuate leisure paired with the vibrancy and energy of their respective home countries of Nigeria and Ghana. Influences of graphic design are prominent, with both artists’ works being characterized by bold shapes and flattened planes. Foster Sakyiamah breaks up the color scales of his paintings through lush patterned designs made into the texture of his paintings’ surface.

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