Chito (Seattle) utilizes a recognizable minimalist style, created through a mixture of self-taught airbrush and acrylic techniques. His icons actively play into sentiments of loyalty and guardianship but with a fierce intensity. The personality of each of his subjects can blur the line between aggressor and protector. Chito’s profound range has permeated the international art, fashion, and street cultures. With airbrush as his most commonly used medium, you can find his tags on the streets of his hometown while also being featured in high fashion collaborations. Chito has collaborated with a variety of designers, having worked with Supreme, Givenchy, Arc’teryx, and even designing special edition jersey designs for the NFL. This diversity of projects allows for his works to touch a wide community while he contradicts stigmas of the graffiti scene he grew up in.

Click HERE for the artist’s CV.

Complex: “I Never Let The Kid Inside Me Die”: In Conversation With CHITO, Givenchy & Supreme Collaborative Artist 

Harper’s Bazaar: Givenchy collaborates with graphic artist Chito

Chito x Givenchy NFT 

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