Corey Bond

Corey Bond (b. 1979, Pennsylvania) creates masterful drawings with incredible detail in charcoal that juxtapose occupation with desolation in the Western world, blurring the boundary between frontier and civilization. A mountain lion stalks in the shrubbery of the foreground, teetering on the edge of the cityscape, and drawing awareness to the fine boundaries that hold civilization from nature and vice versa.  The sentiments of isolation and individualism carry over to Bond’s cityscapes, where his nighttime visions of dark skies are dotted by illuminated windows of skyscrapers. At night, even the most metropolitan of spaces can turn to an urban desert, with stretches of cement road reflecting the light of the night sky. The desire to escape civilization and return to a lawless wilderness is potent, cars chase one another, mimicking predator and prey, evading civilization and perhaps even one another.

After studying illustration at Art Center College of Design and graduating with a BFA in painting at Maryland Institute College of Art, Bond moved to New York. It was here that he began working with Jeff Koons, assisting him as a painter in his studio for over 10 years. Bond now assists Robert Longo, and has worked closely with him since 2015. His works carry the impact of his experience through drawing from the cold detachment of Koons and the drama of Longo. Corey Bond has shown in various international group exhibitions and currently lives and works in New York City.

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