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Spray Painterly: Curated by Stickymonger featuring Gucci Ghost, Paul Insect, Micheal Reeder, Stickymonger and UFO907

21 Oct 2021 - 16 Nov 2021
Allouche Gallery is proud to present Spray Painterly, a group show curated by Stickymonger, featuring works by Gucci Ghost, Michael Reeder, Paul Insect and UFO907. The exhibition debuts on October 21st and continues until November 16th, 2021. Spray Painterly aims to advance the notion of spray paint as a fine art medium. While some categorize spray paint with graffiti and vandalism, curator and artist Stickymonger challenges this perception and believes that spray paint is indeed a gallery medium. The featured artists are from diverse artistic backgrounds, all of whom utilize spray paint conventionally and unconventionally to express their character-based styles.

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