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Stickymonger: Still Smiling

13 Mar 2021 - 17 Apr 2021

Allouche Gallery is pleased to present Stickymonger / Still Smiling. In this new body of work, Stickymonger explores the dichotomy of feeling isolated during the surrealistic Covid-19 pandemic, as well as finding the positivity and hope in everyday life during these troubled contemporary times. Utilizing the medium of spray paint, pushing the boundaries of her practice, each painting in the show is a mirror reflection of the artist’s shifting moods and personal challenges during thes times. Black and white brooding portraits depict the subjects yearning to escape their current condition contrasted with bright and colorful portraits celebrating the beauty in the mundane of everyday life. “I’m now painting characer that are filled with things that bring me happiness like Peko Chan candies,” says Stickymonger. “Although times were strang and sad, I’m still smiling.”

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