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Jessica Lichtenstein: Nymphtopia

09 Mar 2024 - 30 Mar 2024

Allouche Gallery is delighted to announce NYMPTHOPIA, a solo exhibition of multi-media works by New York-based artist Jessica Lichtenstein. The show will open on Saturday, March 9th, at 2683 S La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles, with an opening reception from 6-9 pm.

NYMPTHOPIA explores themes of womanhood specifically regarding the link shared between femininity and nature, and the power within that bond. In this collection of works by Lichtenstein, the female protagonist stands unbroken, with countless women resiliently and mystically reclaiming the earth in the tapestry of the future. The force of Mother Nature holds eternal power over the man-made creations of the world – nature prevails as skyscrapers crumble and human ambitions rust. Through Greek folklore tradition, nymphs re-present the authority of female beauty. Ever-present in nature, nymphs are deeply related to vegetation…. spreading across mountains, drifting through the water flows, scouring the forests and the lonely trees—a testament to life’s embrace.

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