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Meer: Anaja Hvastija Gaia, Minds and Bodies

Allouche Gallery is delighted to announce Minds and Bodies, the first solo exhibition with Slovenia-based artist Anaja Hvastija Gaia. Minds and Bodies emerges from an introspective dialogue between the mind-body connection, presenting a language of formal elements that invite contemplation to the mysterious journey of the human experience. Anaja Hvastija Gaia observes the depths of […]

ARTSPEAK NYC: Mar 21 Sissòn

Holding your breath suggests anticipation. But to wait to exhale is so much more loaded. The sensation is one of withholding more than anticipating. You want to dance, but only when you can do so with reckless abandon, without surveillance or interruption, or judgment. You want to live, but only on your terms. A real […]


Talk us through a typical day in studio for you? Every day varies, but I keep to my routine of stretching, and a cold shower. Music is vital in my studio. The genre depends on what I am working on and the tempo I’m attempting to access creatively. Usually tends to be classical, hip-hop or […]

Hyperallergic: Trippy Highlights From LA’s Spring/Break Art Show

Restrained paintings by Anaja Hvastija Gaia, curated by Sophia Ballesteros, use the thinnest application of oil paint I’ve seen in a minute to produce an effervescent effect on otherwise simple compositions of pale, round bodies coalescing with expanses of desert. LOS ANGELES — There’s a perennial booth rule at Spring/Break Art Show: “No white walls.” […]

Meer: Jessica Lichtenstein, Nymphtopia

Allouche Gallery is delighted to announce Nymphtopia, a solo exhibition of multi-media works by New York-based artist Jessica Lichtenstein. Nymphtopia explores themes of womanhood specifically regarding the link shared between femininity and nature, and the power within that bond. In this collection of works by Lichtenstein, the female protagonist stands unbroken, with countless women resiliently […]

Maxim : Sharon Stone Unveils Paintings in her First-Ever Art Exhibit

The “Basic Instinct” and “Casino” actress makes her fine art debut with an L.A. exhibition called “Shedding.” Award-winning actress Sharon Stone is celebrating a new accolade. March 14 marked the opening of Shedding, her fine art debut, with Allouche in Los Angeles. Stars including Jamie Lee Curtis attended the unveiling of 17 acrylic paintings from Stone’s expansive portfolio, […]

Create: The Wild & Untamed Spirit: An Interview with Hannah Yata

Yata’s works feel refreshing and new; uniquely her own. In this new interview, Christina Nafziger talks with the artist about the symbols that show up in her paintings, how her upbringing has impacted her practice, and the untamed spirit present throughout her work. Read the full article here

White-hot Magazine: Michael Reeder: Pushing Up Daisies at Allouche Gallery

Michael Reeder’s first solo exhibition with Allouche Gallery, Pushing Up Daisies, is a stunning full-on mashup of Pop Surrealism at its best. Reeder employs Pop’s mass production techniques and pleasant displacement with Surrealism’s provoking desires and shifting angst, next to a sense of duality between life and death, a heavy dose of noir neo-expressionism and a […]

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