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Metal Magazine: Machines With Sex Appeal

Hajime Sorayama, the father of the sexy robot revolution. Though he began his work on sexy robots in 1983, it has only grown more relevant in our increasingly technological society. Internationally recognized as the primary innovator of realistic expressionism via his airbrush technique, Sorayama continues to inspire artists of all mediums: painters, sculptors, film directors, and […]

HypeArt: Immerse Yourself in Ron English’s Chaotic “Delusionville” Exhibition

A trippy world where “we can talk about the idea of belief systems without people being offended.”Multidisciplinary art phenom Ron English just launched a new solo exhibition at New York City’s Allouche Gallery called “Delusionville.” The showcase is a visual cacophony of English’s signature characters imagined in new, acid-induced forms including paintings and life-sized sculptures. […]

Juxtapose: The “Sorayama Explosion” is Coming to Tokyo

Sorayama continues to receive respect from creators and artists across the world as the godfather of realistic expression thorough his use of the airbrush technique. His 1983 publication “SEXY ROBOT” had generously described the process of painting robots through a series of graphic explanations, and has since been distributed and referenced as a textbook in […]

Forbes: Artist Michael Reeder Explores Identity And Sense Of Self

Michael Reeder’s artwork exudes an ambiguity and with that comes thought provocation, as he wants the viewer to question the sense of self. We see that there’s an essence of modern day surrealism with the dream-like quality of his works, and he reflects this in a contemporary setting with his choice of color palette and the graphic quality.   […]

Forbes: Ben Evans Opens His Latest Exhibition, “KINK” Today

This collection is all about exploration of the familiar – looking at the relationship between solitude, independence, and the spaces we inhabit. “The main inspirations I’ve been taking from are interiors that are familiar to me. I have a really deep connection with spaces and the way that humans interact inside a home…the figures are […]

Elines: The colourful “voice” of the streets

Street artist b. works on a wide range of works from painting to urban installations and sculpture, while traveling and painting walls in cities all over the world. The colourful images he creates stand out for their unique style. Read the full article at

Forbes: Paul Insect’s Reflective Mind

British street artist Paul Insect, who has worked with the likes of Banksy and calls Damien Hirst a collector, has opened his latest exhibition, ‘Reflective Minds’. Running now until 8th October at the Allouche Gallery, New York, he combines all the absurdism of Dada with the sleekness of modernism, yielding surreal renderings that point playfully at the deep dark […]

Dujour News : Behind the Exhibit: TURN THE LINE

See how pages of discarded printed words are transformed into meaningful art. Nick Georgiou began crafting a weekly series of monochromatic portraits that were created using issues of the Sunday New York Times. His inspiration stemmed from the way the media had been, and still is, portraying the news in a dark light.     Read […]

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