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Hypebeast: Malik Roberts’ “To Suffer a Lick” Exhibition Explores Liminality and Uncertainty

Malik Roberts will be showcasing his upcoming solo exhibition, “To Suffer a Lick,” which features thought-provoking works that invite viewers to explore their sense of liminality and uncertainty. The exhibition, to be held at Allouche Gallery in NYC, showcases a variety of dynamic and abstract compositions that highlight the artist’s unique approach to fragmenting and deconstructing figures. The […]

The Art Newspaper: ‘I painted and painted and painted, and I refound myself’: Sharon Stone on her first solo show

On a cold and stormy night earlier this month in Los Angeles, heavy rain pelted the streets outside while a small mob crowded into Allouche Gallery. Heads were craning about to see the creator of the large paintings hanging on the walls—many of them landscapes verging on abstraction, and rather moody themselves. The artist, actor Sharon Stone, was holding court […]

Complex: “I Never Let The Kid Inside Me Die”: In Conversation With CHITO, Givenchy & Supreme Collaborative Artist

The Seattle-born artist’s instantly recognisable form of self-expression is his airbrushed dog illustrations, which he uses in his work to erase the stigma of the graffiti scenes he grew up in. Completely self-taught, CHITO’s repeated dedication to his motifs have become his own hallmark style, with a set of characters that you’ll no doubt have seen grace your Instagram feed over the last […]

Juxtapoz: BAST Channels Oscar Wilde @ Allouche Gallery, NYC

BAST has always been a proper good outcast of the street art world, and we mean that lovingly. He is so essential to the aesthetic, but has always been his own singular artist. His collaborations, with either Faile or Paul Insect, have this playful nostalgic feel, and his own works used to have a pop-culture critique that was some […]

Hypebeast: Paul Insect Takes Over Paris’ Allouche Gallery With “There’s More Upstairs” Exhibition

British contemporary artist Paul Insect heads to Paris’ Allouche Gallery for his latest installment of mixed-media works in a pop-up exhibition titled “There’s More Upstairs.” The works follow on from Insect’s “Reflective Minds” exhibition in New York and is intended to make audiences question genuineness in themselves. Read the full article at  

Vogue: Nick Georgiou Is the Artist Behind the Extraordinary Book Sculptures at Dolce & Gabbana’s Alta Gioielleria Show

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana’s “Magic Library” party at the New York Public Library offered more than a glittering display of their Alta Gioielleria. The people-watching was major and the gospel performance mesmerizing. As if that weren’t enough, the duo commissioned original artwork for the evening from Nick Georgiou, whose work they have been collecting since discovering […]

Juxtapoz: Ron English “Guernica” @ Allouche Gallery, NYC

From the gallery: Allouche Gallery is proud to present its first solo show in the Meatpacking District, Ron English / Guernica, featuring the debut of eighteen new paintings by the prolific contemporary Pop and street artist, Ron English. The artist has been working on the Ron English / Guernica show for over two years. He […]

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